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Q&Dees brand name is created with the deep heart feeling of providing quality products to our customers and building a trust with customers is an inception of young thoughtful minds that went online to promote the historical culture of Turkey & Europe.

We did lots of research and quality tests before publishing it in an online store. All products available in qndees.com are european standard quality. Affected by the plight of local Turkish Artisans, the founders vowed to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Turkish Products and vouched in to create a global marketplace.

Europe’s cultural heritage is a rich and diverse mosaic of cultural and creative expressions, an inheritance from previous generations of Europeans and a legacy for those to come.
It includes natural, built and archaeological sites, museums, monuments, artworks, historic cities, literary, musical and audiovisual works, and the knowledge, practices and traditions of European citizens.

Eating is a Neccesity but Cooking is an Art, Turn up the heat!
Q&Dees cooking products is built for your most adventurous recipes. Many of our listed products are lifetime guarantee.

about qndees

Turkey is undoubtedly on of the best gifts that the New World has made to the old.

From carpets to T-shirts. Türkiye is one of the leading countries with a developed textile industry. Ranked 1st in Europe in Textiles.

Q&Dees is a new and advanced end-to-end e-Commerce solution the most secure e-Commerce business model. Q&Dees is a one stop shopping destination for anyone who wishes to purchase from the vale of Turkey. We understand our customers’ requirements and bring authentic, genuine and exquisite Turkish products to their doorsteps.

01. What We Do

Our most strong and secure e-Commerce business model.

New & Advance end-to-end e-Commerce solution

Q&Dees, providing services at international standards to domestic and international customers, vendors and business partners; we are a global ecommerce company in the sector that produces valuable solutions with the right technologies, adapts rapidly to technological developments, keeps the satisfaction of our customers, vendors and partners at the highest level with its superior service quality and understanding. It continues to offer a unique trading experience to its customers, dealers and partners every day.

Our credibility is reflected in the standard of our products.

At Q&Dees, we are a community, a family of local producers from different arts and crafts of Turkey. We work together in creating the Brand Turkey, we strive together to take Turkey, its rich tradition to the outside world. Our mission is to make the Local Artisan of Turkey, who is valued for his hard work and efforts and acknowledged by the world as he deserves to be.